Happy All Hallow’s Read from Entitle

Make no bones about it, Entitle loves any excuse to give someone a book. Throw in a new holiday tradition of book giving? Even better. Starting today, when you join Entitle, we are giving you a free month with 2 eBooks that you get to keep forever. No tricks, only treats – eBook treats that is!

Be sure to share your scary reads using #allhallowsread and #entitlebooks! We can’t wait to see what books send shivers up your spine :-)

Happy All Hallow’s Read from Entitle!

All Hallows Read

**Promo ends at midnight on 10/31. Click image above or any Entitle link on this page to sign-up.
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Fall in Love with Our Favorite Fall Reads

It’s October. Wait, we’ll say it again. It is OCTOBER, already. Where has the time gone? But here’s our secret, we’re not complaining because fall is one of our favorite times of the year. We love the changing leaves, the pumpkin spice…everything, crisp fall days followed by cooler fall evenings, and most importantly…it’s the absolute perfect time to curl up with a great read.

We don’t know about you but as leaves fall outside our window and we have a crackling fire in the background, the only thing missing is the perfect book to read, the book that makes you sink deeper into the sofa cushions as that great story wraps around you like a blanket. So, it’s time to trade in those bathing suits for your fall sweaters and fall into one (or as we always say, a few) of these great titles.

We Are Not Ourselves

We Are Not Ourselves: You won’t find any perfect people in this book. An honest and brilliant debut novel that tells the story of 6 generations of an Irish American family. We’re calling it now, this one may be an award contender.

Wayfaring Stranger

Wayfaring Stranger: A tender love story and pulse-pounding thriller that crosses continents and decades of American history. You can just tell you are reading a great story with this new novel by Mr. Burke. You won’t be able to wait to get to the last page, yet you won’t want the book to end. Prepare to pull an all-nighter.

All The Light We Cannot See

All The Light We Cannot See: Yes, we had this book on our summer reads list. But if you haven’t read it yet, it needs to make its way to your fall reads list. You will get lost in the pages of this beautiful instant NYT bestseller about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II.

A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove: Grumpy old man? Everything is not what it seems in this bestselling and delightfully quirky debut novel from Sweden. This feel good novel about the profound impact one life has on countless others takes you on a journey and ultimately shows you that what you see isn’t always what you get.

One Kick

One Kick: This new series brings dark subjects to light written in a way that Chelsea Cain has learned to master. Kick is a compelling and fascinating heroine and the twisty-turn plot in One Kick is a suspenseful page-turner.

Burying Water

Burying Water: The start of another new series, K.A Tucker hits it out of the park with this story. Left for dead in the fields of rural Oregon, imagine waking up with no idea who you are or what happened to you. This heartbreakingly beautiful story about the power of love and the strength and courage that comes from within will leave you eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

She's Come Undone

She’s Come Undone: We love this book. But what amazes us most is how perfectly Wally Lamb can get inside the head of a 13-year old girl’s head. Dolores is having a tough life – dad left, mom’s got major issues, and Dolores seeks comfort in marshmallows. If we had a nickel….

One For the Money

One For The Money: Ah, the first in the Stephanie Plum series. A gutsy female protagonist you’re sure to love as much as we do.

Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind: Sure, it’s a really long book BUT it’s got everything…romance, thrills, and a spoiled young girl who sees the Civil War forever change her way of life. A great American novel that has a place on every reading list.

Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher: We love J.D. Salinger and wanted to know more about this reclusive writer so we were drawn to this memoir written by his daughter. If you’re a fan like us, you’ll enjoy this very well written memoir. Ms. Salinger decodes some of J.D Salinger’s writing for us and tells a woeful story about growing up as his daughter.

Collide  Pulse

Collide: Love roller coasters and love triangles? Then add this series to your list. Get ready to lock yourself in because you won’t want to put this one down (warning: you may fall in love). Luckily, when you’ve finished the last page, you can devour Pulse, just prepare yourself to fall even more in love with your our new book boyfriend, Gavin. Hey, Gail McHugh, can you (pretty) please write faster?

The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project: Imagine Sheldon Cooper trying to find love….he begins “The Wife Project”….enter quirky barmaid, Rosie. From there an unlikely and hilarious romance ensues. This quirky novel about a logical quest to find love has a lot of heart. We’re not surprised this one is bound for the big screen and we’ll be one of the first in line.

Comeback Love

Comeback Love: Who doesn’t wonder about the one who got away? We love this story of two people who fell in love in the 1960’s and were torn apart by a draft notice only to be reunited years later. We all want this kind of love story, don’t we?

I am Pilgrim

I Am Pilgrim: Another one that was on our summer reads list but since it’s one of our favorite thrillers of the year, it’s making its way onto our fall reads list (hint: read it :-) ). This debut espionage thriller by Terry Hayes depicting the collision course between 2 geniuses, a tortured hero and a determined terrorist, is a page-turner full of shocking twists that may have you up all night but trust us, it’s a good great thing.

Stay tuned for another fall reads blog post with even more great titles to add to your list (we told you fall is one of our favorite times to curl up with a great eBook)!
What have you been reading so far this fall – any titles we should add to our list?
Happy reading and happy fall!
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A Memoir to Remember

We all love a great story but these great stories written by ordinary people who have been through extraordinary times have moved us. They stay with us long after we turn the last page and they change us, for the better. They make us stronger and remind us how precious life is and how the world we live in is a place where we are taught real life lessons about love, compassion, tragedy, survival, redemption, and determination.

You may find yourself crying, smiling, or even laughing through chapters of these amazing books but as you are reading these unbelievably powerful stories, we know that the one thing you won’t be able to do is put any of these books down.

A House in the Sky An Invisible Thread Know the Night Brain on Fire The Glass Castle Angela's Ashes I Forgot to Remember Kisses From Katie  Tattoos on the Heart Prepared for a Purpose Thunder Dog Tracks

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Cool Off With These Great Summer Reads

We’ve hit the middle of summer. Hot days, warm nights and the perfect time to dive into one of these great reads for a little ‘me time’. Whether you’re on the beach or by the pool, these page-turners transport you to another place and give you a vacation within your vacation. With a mix of romantic novels, humorous stories, thrillers, and modern fiction, here are some must-read titles to toss into your beach bag this summer.


Love stories and happily ever afters. But what about the not so happily ever afters and learning to love again. Trusting and learning about yourself, friendships, marriage, sisterhood, and family – these perfect beach reads will have you smiling and possibly shedding a few tears (which we can totally blame on the glare of the sun ;-) )

After I Do All Fall Down I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You The Summer Girls Beach Colors The Last Anniversary


An edge of your “beach chair” espionage thriller depicting the collision course between two geniuses, a tortured hero and a determined terrorist, a mega-stakes, high-suspense race against time to stop a lone killer from blowing up thousands, or a beautiful novel about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France all come with a warning: you may not be able to put these eBooks down so don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen.

I Am Pilgrim Mr. Mercedes All The Light We Cannot See


Tears of laughter!? If you’re looking for the perfect eBook to keep you laughing so hard that you may get a few strange looks from the people next to you, these guaranteed laugh out loud books are definitely ones to add to your reading list.

Hyperbole and a Half Psychos Skipping a Beat

Happy reading :-)

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A Series of Great Reads: Part 2

We’re not encouraging low productivity this week but we know posting ‘Part 2 of A Series of Great Reads’ on a Monday could be cause for some serious binge reading behavior (which we totally think is fine – wait, did we say that out loud?) So, heed our warning, you may need to come up with an excuse to take some days off work to finish these great reads because it’s not going to be easy to put them down.

I think we can all agree that it’s an absolutely, horrible, no good very bad day when you finish the last page of a book or the last episode of a series and then you have to wait…and wait…and wait for the next book or episode. Well, we know we kept you in suspense for Part 2 long enough and now we’re kicking off this week with some romance series so that you don’t have to wait any longer because who really has time for that.

Go ahead and fill that summer reading list with these perfect beach reads (although you might want to have a beach towel ready in case these get a little too steamy and you start blushing)! Happy reading and of course, don’t forget the sunscreen!


Tangled – Emma Chase (Romance/Contemporary Romance)

Tangled Twisted

Tamed Tied


Real – Katy Evans (Romance)

Real Mine Remy Rogue Ripped


Beautiful – Jamie McGuire (Romance)

9781476712055_full 9781476712994_full 9781476759555_full


Beautiful Bastard – Christina Lauren (Romance)

Beautiful Bastard Beautiful Stranger Beautiful Player


The Collide Series – Gail McHugh (Romance/Contemporary Romance)

Collide Pulse


Thoughtless – S.C. Stephens (Romance/Contemporary Romance)

9781476717494_full 9781476717500_full 9781476718217_full


Rosemary Beach – Abbi Glines (Romance/New Adult)

9781476775999_full 9781476776026_full 9781476776057_full


The Pure Sin Series – Kyra Davis (Romance)

Deceptive Innocence Deceptive Innocence Pt2 Deceptive Innocence Pt3

Your beach chair is officially ready.

Be sure to stay tuned for part 3….we promise we won’t make you wait too long.

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A Series of Great Reads, Part 1

I know we aren’t the only ones that have finished a book and wished we could just keep on reading because we didn’t want the story to end. You know what we do in those moments? We turn to trilogies and series. Because what’s better than 1 book? 2 books, 3 books….and even better – when we lose count! We don’t mind staying in all weekend and reading 3 books in a day – please tell us you’re one of those people too!

Today, we’re looking at series on Entitle that make us want to give the authors a great big hug and say “thanks” for writing….and then writing even more  :)

Oh, and of course this blog post has 3 parts because what’s better than 1 blog post? A part 2 and 3! Our 1st post features some gripping, utterly entertaining young adult, sci-fi, and fantasy novels that we would binge read again any day. So, if you can’t find us, you know where we’ll be.

The Mortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare (YA/Fantasy)


The Hush, Hush Saga – Becca Fitzpatrick (YA/Paranormal)


The Infernal Devices – Cassandra Clare (YA/Fantasy)


Unwind Dystology – Neal Shusterman (YA/Sci-Fi)


The Song of Albion Trilogy – Stephen R. Lawhead (Fantasy)


Visions Trilogy – Lisa McMann (YA, Fantasy/Paranormal)


The Wake Trilogy – Lisa McMann (YA, Fantasy/Paranormal)


Rot & Ruin Series – Jonathan Maberry (YA, Horror – Zombies)


The Fallen – Thomas E. Sniegoski


Otherworld Assassin – Gena Showalter


We can’t stop reading and you shouldn’t either. Let us know if you’ve read any of these and if there is one (or 2 or 3 ;) ) we forgot – we’d love to hear from you. Anytime we can add a new series to our reading list, we consider it a good day!

Make sure to stay tuned for part 2, we would tell you what’s coming but what’s the fun in that (….as if you couldn’t tell, we’re serious about our series here at Entitle). Happy reading!

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Entitle Book Madness Elite 8 Match-Ups Tip Off Tonight!

Before you settle in for the championship game between UConn and University of Kentucky (don’t even get us started on that bracket, let’s just say we didn’t win $1B ;-) )…..the Entitle Book Madness bracket wants your picks!

Our Elite 8 match-ups are tipping off tonight and we’re only 2 days away from the championship game. Time to make sure your favorite book makes the final cut!



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…..And Entitle Book Madness Sweet 16 is Set!



After 32 games we had some upsets and some buzzer beaters and now #entitlebookmadness’ Sweet 16 is set. There are some exciting match-ups coming up and we need you to vote! The madness continues tomorrow. Stay tuned and get ready to pick your winners!

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Entitle March “Book” Madness Tournament

Entitle March Book Madness

Let the games begin!

March Madness is here and Entitle is switching things up a bit. We’re taking March Madness and bringing it to the book world! Join Entitle’s March “Book” Madness Tournament Challenge for a chance to win 2 free months on Entitle!

Click on the link below to complete your bracket (see rules on how to submit). Good luck and may the best “book” win!

Entitle March Book Madness Tournament_2014

***Share your bracket or bracket selections on Twitter or Facebook using #Entitlebookmadness for extra points!
***Download any of the books on your bracket and get 2 extra points for each book downloaded to your Entitle account!

March “Book” Madness Rules & Eligibility


  • Click on the link above (Entitle March Book Madness Tournament 2014) and submit bracket electronically via email to social@entitlebooks.com or post to Twitter/Facebook using #Entitlebookmadness
  • Deadline to submit bracket is 11:59 pm on Monday, March 24th, 2014.
  • One submission per person.
  • Voting will begin March 25th.


  • Scoring will include votes from each bracket and votes by our social media followers from head to head competitions that will take place beginning on March 25th.
  • You will be rewarded points for each correct selection. The number of points for a correct selection will increase as we move towards the championship round.
  • Entitle will tally votes for each round. The book with the most votes for each round and in each bracket will advance to the next round.
  • Logging into your Entitle account and downloading any of the books on your bracket will give you 2 extra points for each downloaded book.
  • Sharing your bracket or bracket selections on Twitter or Facebook using #Entitlebookmadness will give you 1 extra point added to your total bracket score.


  • Member with the highest point total will win 2 free months on Entitle with 2 free eBook downloads per month (if a tie, all winners will received 2 free months).
  • Winner will be announced April 10th, 2014


  • Entitle’s book madness bracket challenge is open to all!

The Contenders

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A Look Behind the Scenes: An Interview with Nicholas Ampazis in Business Insider

“After Building a Powerful Recommendation System for Netflix, This Guy Wants to Help You Find Your Next Favorite Book”


Nicholas Ampazis builds software that makes recommendations for you. Where it was once making movie recommendations on Netflix, he’s turning it to the book world.

Check out the full article to learn more about Nicholas Ampazis and Entitle’s recommendation station here: http://www.businessinsider.com/entitle-2014-2#ixzz2wBR3unO4

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